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Ron's Fuel Injection Systems, Tucson AZ


#3048 Electronic Hi-Speed
Our electronic hi-speed can be hooked up to any rpm activated switch or timer for highly accurate repeatability. It will always open at the same rpm or timer setting so your e.t.'s will be consistent.
#3048 Converter Helper
This unit eliminates an over-rich condition that may occur when stalling on a trans brake. It electronically leans out the engine when the brake button is applied.

#3031-2 Dual Bypass
For use when too large a pump has been installed.
#3031 Main Pill Holder
This is pretty slick. You don’t have to remove the fuel lines to change a pill.

Inline Main Pill Holder
Dual bypass with hi-speed

#75933 Idle Bypass
For injection units that require an idle bypass.
#75425 High Speed Bypass
Adjustable for pressure and pill size.

This fitting simplifies installing the hi-speed in the pressure line.